This summer, we are launching Spark!


What is Spark? Spark is a 7–week opportunity for Jr. and Sr. High students to connect, build relationships, spark friendships, and experience God while having fun in the process.

When is Spark? Spark gathers Sunday evening from 6-8 pm at CenterPointe (865 Greendale Rd.) during June & July.

What will we do at Spark? Have fun! Play games, engage with the Bible, group discussions, more games, and Spark a desire to grow with God.

Who can attend Spark? Spark is for Jr. & Sr. High students, from rising 6th graders to our graduating seniors.

What’s the theme? The theme of Spark is “Who Am I.” During these 7-weeks, we will tackle the idea of who we are and what God has to say about our identity.

Invite a friend & Spark your relationships with God and others this summer.


Have questions? We would love to answer them.