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40 Days of Word & Prayer

Do you have a goal to get closer to God? Do you want to grow your relationship with the creator of the universe? Have you ever felt stuck or stale in your connection to God? TOGETHER we are looking at the Acts 2 church to see what we can learn about how they grew with God. TOGETHER we will learn and implement spiritual growth practices which will guide us to growing closer to God. This is the year for us to grow with God TOGETHER.


Does it feel like the world we live in and our country have gone crazy? Between the COVID pandemic, political divisions, racial tensions, LGBTQ issues, and who knows what else, life can feel confusing and overwhelming. We must STOP & ask: “Why do we exist? Why am I here on this earth? What’s my purpose?”  


Do you need some good news? Are you looking for hope? Does the world feel hopeless? The letter of Romans has had a tremendous effect on lives for centuries. Martin Luther described this letter as “the most important piece in the New Testament.” Romans is the leading book in which the Apostle Paul puts forth the fundamental doctrines of faith and the picture of God’s life for us. When you understand this book. When you live this book. Your life is changed and filled with good news and hope.


Thank you for stopping by our website. I don't believe God does anything by accident. So, I think you are on our website because God directed you this way. Quite possibly, God is helping you get connected with a great church.  Feel free to check out the "New Here" page linked below, where you can find the answers to all your questions.

If you have never been to our church before, come by this Sunday! We would love to get to know you. We look forward to meeting you!