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Sunday, September 19, 2021

DISCOVER HOPE AT CENTERPOINTE CHRISTIAN CHURCH! Are you worn out and weary? Is life tearing you down? Do you feel broken? Are there "giants" in your way? Are you filled with doubt? Not sure how to keep doing in life? There is HOPE!! Come discover how Jesus gives HOPE to the weary, broken, underdog who struggles with doubt. Let's go on a journey to DISCOVER HOPE!! Join us for a four week series on HOPE beginning Sep. 19 at 9:30 & 11:00am.


Sundays @ 8:30am

Begin each Sunday morning this summer in prayer! 

Before we worship with our church family join in prayer. Bring your request, celebrate what God has done, pray together, focus on our purpose together, discover peace together. No judgment, just a place to AWAKEN our souls before God in prayer. Join us each Sunday at 8:30 am in the community room.

All in the Family

Wednesdays each Month @ 12noon

CenterPointe is the location host for All in the Family. A support group organized by Sandersville/Meadowthrope Family Resource Center. More details, dates and how to register below.