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1 Timothy

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The Apostle Paul sends his young protégé Timothy to the church in Ephesus with a specific mission: Teach God’s Word and bring the church back to health, sound doctrine, and the power of the gospel.

The letter of 1 Timothy is Paul writing to encourage and equip Timothy for that mission. Today, this great letter still stands as the blueprint for what a healthy church looks like and how it behaves. Any church would be wise to study this letter and apply its principles to the body of Christ for the most significant impact within the Kingdom of God.

1 Timothy is refreshingly practical and tenaciously gospel-centered. It’s a manual for pastors and Christians on how a healthy church must behave in a godless culture for God’s name to be glorified and for people to experience Christ through his Church.

Join us as we discover The Healthy Gospel-Centered Church.

Sep 9 The Priorities of A Church 1:1-11

Sep 16 The Priorities of A Pastor 1:1-11 & 18-20

Sep 23 The Priorities of the Savior 1:12-17

Sep 30 The Priorities of Worship 2:1-15 

Oct 7 The Role of Women in Church 2:9-15

Oct 14 The Requirements for Leaders 3:1-16 

Oct 21 The Requirements for Leaders (2) 3:1-16

Oct 28 False Doctrines, Focused Disciples 4:1-11 

Nov 4 The Power of A Positive Example 4:12-16

Nov 11 Family Matters 5:1-16

Nov 18 Leadership Matters 5:17-25

Nov 25 The Church at Work 6:1-10 

Dec 2 The Four-Fold Assignment 6:11-16

Dec 9 How Rich Are You 6:17-21









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