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Crazy Christmas 

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The season of Christmas is crazy: Santa, shopping, eating, parties, religious festivities, spending and all that comes with Christmas. Sometimes the craziness of Christmas takes away from the real intent of Christmas.

Do you realize, Christmas has always been crazy? When we look at "The Nativity" story, we can sometimes look past the life lessons from real people in a real challenge. The people who lived in the craze of Christmas.

Go on a journey with us as we take the time to look at the main characters - Mary, Joseph, Wise Men, Shepherds & Jesus - and look at their lives and some personal life lessons we can learn from them about the craziness of Christmas.

Ultimately, discover our crazy God, who gave us Jesus, to give us life, an abundant life.

3     Crazy Obedient Joseph
10   Crazy Faithful Mary
17   Crazy but Wise
24   Christmas Eve Celebrations - 2:30 & 4:00pm
31   New Year's Eve - One Service at 11am









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